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  此文档是毕业设计外文翻译成品( 含英文原文 中文翻译),无需调整复杂的格式下载之后直接可用,方便快捷本文价格不贵 ,也就几十块钱 一辈子也就一次的事 外文标题 Web Site Development ologies 外文作者 Pedro Isaias, Tomayess Issa 文献出处 High Level Models and ologies for Ination Systems ,2014,pp 63-81 英文 7215单词, 40895字符,中文 11278汉字。 Web Site Development ologies Introduction The progress of the World Wide Web appears to be an inexorable process, constantly presenting new challenges and opportunities. With the need to accompany a society that is increasingly dedicated to new technologies, while at the same time reducing costs and improving ination systems, entities must equip themselves with the means to attract more customers and users. Thus, a Web site is no longer seen merely as a means to present inative content. Today, it is also a plat for business, communications, and social interaction. Therefore, it is expected that entities innovate their Web pages, so as not to become outdated and out of touch with their user base, unsuited to its evolving and demanding needs. With the evolution of the World Wide Web and the increasing need to innovate Web sites, researchers have attempted to propose different s and techniques to aid and improve the development of Web pages. Many Web developers base their work on existing software development ologies; however, there are speci?c aspects of Web development that have lead researchers to propose that speci?c ologies are needed. Here, we will discuss some of those ologies by reviewing existing literature, a which will allow for a useful perspective on the state of research in this ?eld. The W3DT ology The World Wide Web Design Technique, commonly known as W3DT, is a pioneering approach used for the design of Web-based hypermedia applications Bichler and Nusser 1996. Developed by Bichler and Nusser 1996, it was conceptualized particularly for the development of large Web sites. It is a technique focused on the collaborative developmen